meditation-female-sittingThe hardest part is the start. Once you’ve begun an activity, Newton’s first law provides the momentum to keep going. With that aim, here’s some practical help to start meditating and experience the benefit of emotional and mental control.

10 Tips to Start Meditating

Start small

If you haven’t practiced meditation, don’t try to do a 30-min session. Start with five minutes, or even less. Then add time as you grow in your skill to focus your mind.

Seek solitude

Find a place away from noise and potential interruptions/distractions.

Maintain good posture

Position yourself in a comfortable place, like in a chair with your feet flat or sitting on the floor with your back against the wall. If you go with a cross-legged pose, make sure you can hold it comfortably. You don’t want physical discomfort to pull at your attention. Do sit up straight and maintain good posture.

I don’t recommend lying down. If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself asleep in five minutes. You don’t want to associate meditation with falling asleep.

Close your eyes

Cutting off your visual input system will help you focus.

Breath rhythmically

This will give you a point of focus and help you relax your mind and body. Deep breathing offers an additional host of benefits – which explains why military special forces use it often to control their bodies and autonomic nervous systems.

Manage your thoughts

Don’t try to void your mind of everything. You’ll wind up wrestling with yourself and losing the benefit. Acknowledge thoughts as they enter your mind but kindly set them aside and return to one locus of focus, like your breath.

Scan your body

Allow yourself to mentally scan your body. Pay attention to the feelings and sensations you have as you move from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes. Train your brain to be mindful of your whole body and follow one course of thought.


As you scan, relax your muscles. Let yourself sink into the chair or the floor while maintaining good posture.

Exit slowly

As you finish your meditation, open your eyes and give yourself a moment to adjust back to the visual world. Reemphasize the value of meditation in your mind. Consider how your brain psychically changes and improves each day.

Express gratitude

End with an expression of gratitude for the time spent in solitude and the positive changes happening within you.

Then bust out the door and grab the day by the horns! Make use of your growing skill of controlled attention. Give your full focus to people and activities and deliver your best to the world!