Your last health resolutionThis 31-day series is for all ages, all genders, all body types, all resolvers, and all quitters.  It’s for anyone who’s ever wanted to live healthier and happier.

This could become your last health resolution.  It’s a clarion call to a simplified way of living.  You won’t find any diets, fads, or unfounded formulas.  I do hope you’ll encounter a daily process of self-examination and renewal, of deeper understanding and invigorated resolve.

Maybe you’ve tried and tried again to lose the extra pounds, turn back from diabetes, or just develop a simple plan for consistent living.  Maybe you’ve done it all and want more.  I want to equip you with an easy way of viewing your health and making lasting change.  It’s called PRIME.

I’m JC, owner and founder of Cross Fitness LLC and Healthy To 100.  I’m an ACE CPT with over 17 years of experience in fitness and wellness.  My clients keep asking me to share more on my blog.  It’s not easy when I need to write programs, keep the business in order, and love on the family.  But I have a passion to see lives transformed.  And I hope to share some of those transformation stories over the next 31 days.

So I’m glad you made it to my landing page.  I invite you to join me and dialogue (I’ll respond to all your comments!) about PRIME health.  And after 31 days, maybe you won’t need another health resolution come January.

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