It’s 2014!  And of course, we’re seeing the usual proliferation of new year’s resolutions media ads.  As annoying as it might be, I do appreciate the emphasis on goal-setting and the promotions some companies use to help people attain their goals.

In my younger years, the rebel in me used to say, “I’m not going to set resolutions just because everyone else does.”  The older (if not wiser) me views the New Year as an opportunity to take a yearly inventory of my life.  I review my goals from the previous year, evaluate, and determine my plans and goals for the next year.  They normally focus on different priorities in both my personal life and my business.

But don’t let me convince you to set a health resolution out of compulsion.  You won’t really be committed to it anyway.  I will try to convince you, however, to consider it.  Take a look at the direction of your life, your health, your family.  Anything need to change?  If not, please call me.  I really will pay you to coach me.  If so, read on.

I want to offer a tool to help you get started with your process.  It’s called “Your LAST Health Resolution.”  Hopefully it becomes a primer to make some real lifestyle changes that will positively affect your health for the rest of your time on this earth.

Blessings to you this 2014!  May the goodness and grace of God grant you a stronger spirit and a stronger body.

Your last health resolution

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