Day 3 of 31-Day Series “Your Last Health Resolution”

Before we launch into the details of the PRIMEpathway™, I’m going to give you the ONE secret you MUST know to reach your health goal and live the life you’ve always wanted.  The secret: There is no ONE thing.  (That was a little deceiving, I know.)

lake-mountain-snowBut wouldn’t it be nice if there were just one thing?  A lot of marketers would have you believe they’ve discovered the secret ingredient or “the one weird trick” that changed everything.  Unfortunately the only trick is their advertising method.

Your best weapon for success?  This ancient maxim sums it up well: “Know thyself.”

A lot evolves from those two words.  God has designed you uniquely.  That’s not just a trite platitude.  It’s a verifiable truth.  You were created without equal.  Let that sink in.  Not too long though because I’m going to tell you next that a lot of people are very similar to you.  Many people have similar gut-wrenching struggles and agonizing battles.  They’ve experienced similar obstacles and frustrations in pursuing their health goals.  That’s important to know as well.  Whatever you’re facing, whatever your goal, someone else has been there.  They faced it.  You can too.

I spent a summer in Juneau, AK mentoring young men years ago.  Several of us planned a day trip to summit Mt. McGinnis.  It’s not a technical climb but offers a steep ascent during the 11-mile hike.  Not many in the area make the full day’s journey to the top and back.  And the difficult trail has claimed a few lives.  Those facts made the journey even more appealing for our group of three.


We began at a steady pace, energized by the sight of the snowy summit.  We kept a good pace along most of the trail.  Little red tags marked the way for hikers.  They provided a good reminder that many had gone before us.  As we entered the steepest part of the climb, progress slowed and the mood became more serious.  We put our heads down and pressed into the mountain.  The camaraderie and mutual encouragement enabled us to eventually reach the summit for an exhilarating lunch among the clouds.

But during our descent, something happened.  We were still reveling in the success of our summit.  In our exuberance, we failed to look closely for those little red tags marking the trail.  We soon discovered ourselves among a thicket perched atop a rocky cliff.  And we didn’t have an easy exit to continue the descent.  We had to climb higher over some precarious boulders to try to locate a red tag and reenter the trail.  It was a sober reminder to heed the direction of those who had gone before us.

As you begin steps toward your health goal, no matter how large or how small, consider these three things:

You can’t go it alone.

Actually you can, you just won’t last long.  You’re going to need help, whether from a spouse, a friend, an author, or a blogger.  You’ll need some consistent assistance and resources to affirm your confidence and let you know you’re on the right track.  Invite people in.  Tell people you trust about your goal.  You might become an inspiration for someone else.

Know and accept your personality.

Know yourself and choose a path you believe you can stick to.  If you’re a late night person, don’t set a workout time of 6:00 a.m.  If you find it hard to remain consistent, you’re going to need an accountability mechanism.  If you hate cooking, you’ll need some simple ways to prepare meals.  If you hate running, don’t start training for a marathon.

On the other hand, you will have to make some changes if you want different results.  Don’t snuggle into your comfort zone and expect a new you in six months.  It has to hurt a little.

Know and accept your body type.

Your unique body will have certain limitations.  You may have joint pain, high blood pressure, postpartum abdominal separation (diastasis recti), or abnormal hormone levels.  All those will require a different approach to physical activity.  Don’t let it keep you from starting though!  Find the help you need (see above).

If you’re a female endomorph, you won’t ever look like Heidi Klum.  If you’re a male ectomorph, you won’t ever look like Mark Wahlberg.  If you don’t know your body type, here’s a quick test to help shed some light.  Set realistic goals.  Then go after them.


Whether you’re looking to tone up, reduce your cholesterol, or increase your bone density, you can make some significant gains with the right kind and the right amount of effort.  We’ll talk more about making real change happen tomorrow.