man-leaping-skyDay 10 of 31-Day Series “Your Last Health Resolution”

My clients hear me say it often: “Consistency is key.”  The best way for you to achieve a healthier body, increased energy levels, and greater self-confidence is to create a lifestyle that values health and fitness.  That’s the essence of the PRIMEpathway™ model.

My desire behind this blog series is to help you alter the trajectory of your health.  You don’t have to change everything about your life today.  You’d most likely find yourself cursing life next week if you did.  As you learn new health information, make some small changes.  Making space for a consistent workout time is one of those important changes.

“That sounds great!  Unfortunately I have six kids in 12 different sports, a busy work schedule, a yard that needs my attention, and a car that just broke down.  I just don’t have the time.” 

I understand.  That makes working out tough.  But what do you hear the flight attendant say every time they perform a safety presentation on a plane:  “Place your oxygen mask on first before assisting your children.”  Without your own supply of oxygen, you’re going to have a hard time doing the thing you really want to do – helping your children, in this case. 

Same principle applies with your health.  If you don’t prioritize it now, you and your family will have to deal with the consequences later.  And nobody will like them.

Prioritize you!  Carve out time and protect it, even if it means waking up a bit earlier to do a home workout or coordinating with another parent to bring your child home from their practice.  The more time you let pass before making a change the harder it becomes.  I’d like for you to run around with your great grandchildren.  I think your family would like that too.

Anniston at 2 yearsMy firstborn little girl turned two years old yesterday.  I often daydream about her growing up.  I think about her running around with friends in high school.  I picture myself cleaning my shotgun when I meet her first boyfriend.  I envision myself visiting her college campus and dancing with her on her wedding day.  In all of my dreams, I look as young and fit as I do now.  Hey, it’s a dream.  But I do plan to take care of this temporary shelter to the best of my ability.  And by God’s grace, I plan on staying every bit as active as I am now until He takes me away. 

That’s my dream for all of us.