jc-cross-daughtersI have spent years developing people to achieve their goals. The journey has taken me through hundreds of university campuses around the world, a stint as an officer in the US Marine Corps, several health and wellness startups, consulting engagements across the country for a few Fortune 500 clients, and too many gyms to count. I really enjoy helping people achieve their goals.

From Mexico City to Marine Corps

Personal training didn’t start as a lifelong pursuit.

Five years out of college, I was serving as the Executive Director of an international non-profit in Mexico City. As I worked with national leaders to tackle some systemic issues, I couldn’t help but feel a burning desire to do more to help people. This didn’t naturally lead to the health and wellness industry, however. The amount of corruption and injustice I encountered rekindled a boyhood dream to serve as a Marine. So I enrolled in Officer Candidate School and became a Second Lieutenant.

While serving as a Marine demanded rigor and discipline, it didn’t provide much opportunity to help others. So after a short stint, I jumped back into civilian life uncertain of what to do next. In order to pay the bills and support my growing family, I took an offer from a fellow Marine to work as a personal trainer at a large gym in Denver, Colorado.

My Launch into Personal Training

My long personal history with fitness and athletics paved the way for quick results. Within a few months I had a full schedule and a list of clients with wonderful results. With their encouragement, I started my own personal training business in Denver. A year later, I moved my growing family to Minneapolis and relaunched my business.

As of today, I have helped hundreds of clients achieve a variety of fitness goals. I carry specialties in older adult fitness, kettlebell training, brain health, and behavior change coaching. I’ve tested all of my own advice. I’ve also had the privilege to work across multiple industries and have led consulting engagements for several Fortune 500 companies, as well as competing and placing at the top of numerous physique competitions.

I still actively examine the latest research from psychology, neuroscience, and fitness and continually look for ways to help people move out of negative mental and physical states, while building a framework to achieve their goals.


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