Earlier this year researchers found a link between vitamin D levels and muscle efficiency, further increasing the strength of Vitamin D benefits.  Vitamin D deficiency can cause poor bone health and muscle fatigue.  Reduced mitochondrial function is thought to cause the fatigue.

Mitochondria within our cells help fuel the body, producing energy in the form of a molecule called ATP.  Understandably, a drop in the production of ATP would lead to lower energy levels.  Muscles utilize large amounts of ATP for movement as well as phosphocreatine.  Resupplying phosphocreatine also falls on the shoulders of the mitochondria.

Vitamin D benefitsThe study led by the Dr Akash Sinha of Newcastle University showed a 20% improvement in the recovery of phosphocreatine after 10-12 weeks of vitamin D supplementation.  It’s the first study linking a vitamin D benefit to muscle efficiency.

Now, just a few months later, researchers from TOSH (The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital) have discovered a link between vitamin D and muscle recovery after intense exercise.  Participants with higher vitamin D levels were able to regain their strength back quicker after testing.

Researchers also concluded vitamin D benefits may include protection against muscle damage.  The vitamin plays a critical role in protein synthesis within the muscle allowing it to move efficiently.

Continued studies may help prevent frailty in older adults and other bone related and muscular disorders.