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Joe Cross
Joe CrossACE CPT, Master Trainer, Fat Loss Specialist, Older Adult Fitness Specialist, FallProof Balance and Mobility Specialist, Best of Minneapolis Personal Trainer Award
Joe came upon personal training in the midst of a real low point.

After serving as the Executive Director of an international non-profit, he joined the US Marine Corps as an officer to make a difference halfway across the world. A short stint in the Corps threw him back into civilian life unprepared. Personal training offered a way to feed his family.

Fortunately, his fitness background paved the way for outstanding results. His personal needs dissolved as the success of his clients became paramount. Launching his own business, he committed every ounce of energy to understanding psychology, neuroscience, and human performance.

Now with over twenty years of personal and professional fitness experience from a variety of backgrounds, Joe personally develops clients to achieve their goals and master their bodies and minds. He also serves as a performance coach for several of the world’s largest companies, assisting Fortune 500 companies with behavior change initiatives.

While in the gym, Joe specializes in fat loss and lean muscle gain. He has placed at the top of numerous physique competitions but takes more pride in helping his clients crush their goals.

As a performance coach, he blends the latest research from psychology, neuroscience, and biology into an achievement framework. He continually looks for ways to help high achievers identify their most valuable activities and over deliver everyday.

Amy Tulip
Amy TulipNASM CPT, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NETA Barre Connect Instructor, RRCA Running Coach
One act of desperation changed the course of Amy’s life.

In the midst of pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Education, she faced another challenge. Her teenage years had left a painful scar she wanted to heal. Gaining a dreaded sixty pounds of fat in high school had eroded her confidence. She worked hard to drop half the weight, but her best efforts to lose it all failed. Instead of giving up, she made the commitment to uncover the root cause.

Capitalizing on her emphasis in Integrated Sciences, she dove deeper into how the human body functions. Despite the increase in knowledge, her feelings of failure and isolation finally pushed her to seek professional help.

With assistance from a dietitian and a new workout regimen, Amy finally shed her fat and insecurity. The experience marked her.

“I learned how to lose fat and maintain it. Not only that, I learned how to build muscle while burning fat. I learned how to fuel my body correctly.”

Amy also discovered a passion to help others do the same. Today she coaches clients on how to take control of their lives. Her strength lies in her intense love of knowledge and her skill in helping people change behavior to achieve the results they want.

“I lost 120 lbs. with his help, and for the first time in over 10 years, I was under 200 lbs. I can say with honesty that Joe has been one of the most positive role models and inspirations in my life. I don’t think you could go wrong working with Joe.”
Alex Boyd, Young Professional
“Out of all the trainers I looked into, Joe was the only one who was knowledgeable about diastasis recti. Joe trained me into fixing my condition without the need of surgery. I am forever grateful to him for this.”
Chammy Choe, Fulltime Wife and Mom
“Training with Joe was certainly one of the best things I have ever done! His intelligence and experience combined with intuition and creativity helped me to reach and even exceed my goal.”
Mary Coit, Small Biz Administrator
“In my time with Joe I increased in strength in all areas, I dropped my body fat from 15% to 3.7%, I took first place in one of my competitions and was in the top 10 for models overall (out of about 100)! If you are motivated and committed to getting the results you want, Joe can get you there. Call him, its worth the free consultation. You won’t regret it!”
Brian Schmitz, Model, Developer
“I have shed 10% body fat and reached my weight loss goal! I have lost a total of 75 pounds over the past 14 months. My BMI is below the original target set when I first started training with Joe. And, with his strong encouragement (and detailed preparation), I ran my first 5K.”
Mike Beck, Mortgage Broker
“Joe is amazing to work with and gets results! I have dropped a lot of weight, gained a lot of muscle, and am very happy with the work Joe does; he is a life saver…literally!”
John Darland, Professor and Dean
“I sleep and eat better and am more productive at work. I have been able to stop taking some of my medications and reduce the dosage of others. I am healthier and stronger, and in the best physical shape of my life. My weight is the lowest it has been in 20 years.”
Brian Ruschmeier, Database Administrator


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Joe shares his favorite recipes and tips for
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