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1. Intelligence is largely fixed and can't be changed significantly.
2. I set goals and later find myself pursing a different goal.
3. I don't let anything stop me from achieving a goal once I set it.
4. Intelligence can change significantly depending upon the amount of effort someone applies.
5. My interests change frequently, which pulls me in a lot of directions.
6. People who know me best would describe me as a hard-worker.
7. No matter your current level of intelligence, you always have the power to change it.
8. You can gain knowledge, but your basic intelligence level stays virtually the same.
9. I don't like to work in any one area for too long.
10. New projects and ideas often pull me away from my current commitments.
11. Talent plays a minimal role in success.
12. When I set out to do something, there is very little that will stop me.
13. Within the past few years, I have worked obsessively on something and then realized it wasn't worth it.
14. Effort will almost always make a bigger difference than talent.

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JC combines neuroscience, psychology, and high performance to help clients achieve superior results. He has over 17 years of experience coaching leaders in the areas of employee performance, health, and personal development. Clients include several Fortune 500 companies and individuals in nearly every state in the U.S.

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