American Idol Finalist Danny Gokey Helps Cross Fitness Support #ENDITMOVEMENT

Danny Gokey Joe Cross End It Movement Cross FitnessWe had a great time this past weekend!  An invitation from a great friend at a local radio station got us into the Minnesota Timberwolves game.  And after the show we had front row seats for the Danny Gokey concert.  You may remember Danny from American Idol Season 8.  He finished third behind Kris Allen and Adam Lambert.  Strong year!

A win in the final minutes of the Timberwolves game, an incredible performance by Danny, and a fun meet-and-greet after the show kept us out way past my bedtime.  But I don’t think I’ll miss the sleep.

Danny has an amazing voice and even more amazing heart.  He shared about his non-profit, Sophia’s Heart, which he started to honor the memory of his wife who passed away just four weeks before he went on American Idol.  The organization has helped hundreds of homeless families find hope and get off the streets.


And Danny knew all about the End It Movement.  He showed no hesitation sporting the red “X” to show his support for ending slavery.  I don’t often caress the hand of I guy I barely know, but we thought the cause was worth it.  Thanks Danny!  Best to you and your family!


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